Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Who Knew Life Could Be So EVERYTHING?

 I always thought I knew what my life would be like.

I was going to grow up, become a doctor and work with mitochondrial research.

I was never getting married... but if I did, I was never having kids.

And then I had kids--- six of them! 

And I got married--- 3 times!

And when my life was finally perfect, I was loved and I loved unconditionally...

My children were all growing into amazing, intelligent and really good people!

And then my husband got sick and then he died. 

And my kids were grown and on their own. 

And I was alone and afraid and all my dreams had died.

A dear friend made me drink a cup of her special coffee and it changed my life. No, seriously, it really did Happy coffee helped to combat the anxiety, sadness, despair I was feeling after my husband died, helped me to get my energy back, balanced my hormones so that I could function again... and I was losing weight! 

Without the Happy Co products I do not think I would have been able to survive. I would not have been able to begin to live again. 

I got a new job I loved. I met new people I had fun with but they didn't quite understand me. I joined widow groups so I could find people who understood me even when I didn't understand myself. 

I found my tribe of crazy widowed people online.

We went on trips together, we met for dinners and picnics and we were there to life each other up on the hard days and celebrate the good ones.

And through these, i began to feel like ME again.

I began to have dreams and make plans and set goals for myself.

I began to see the all the colors in my life come back to their full brilliance ...

They began to light my way and show me the path to living my life and feeling EVERYTHING!

And that is how COLOR ME EVERYTHING was born. I decided to create art using photos I have taken and unusual words or poems or phrases I have created and put them in an online store. These words and places in my photos have helped me to heal, to grow and to believe in myself again...

I have re-discovered how to LIVE LIFE FEELING EVERYTHING and i want to share that with the world! 

Who knew life could be so EVERYTHING?

And who knew EVERYTHING could be WONDERFUL!

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